The House

The House

About The House

Fadwa Hayek opened her Atelier “ Fadwa Hayek Couture” in Gemmayzeh district at the heart of Beirut.

Gemmayzeh Street, known for its historical buildings and vintage architecture, reinforces the splendor of the old and modern generations and is reminiscent of Fadwa’s dream for fashion that personify the women beauty between the striking past and modern present. Which is a not easy to find at the heart of the capital, Beirut…

“Working for over 10 years in the Fashion industry at the United Arab Emirates and contributing to the establishment of several Haute Couture Ateliers specialized in dresses and wedding gowns; have always been for me an incentive to kick off my own ambition and achieve my dream by creating my personal brand in my home country and beloved City.

Today I am extremely happy as I see my dream came true in a street full of life, movement, arts and historical places beside my many other achievements in the Region. “

The atelier is located on the second floor of a vintage building in Gemmayzeh Street, a district of Beirut.

Featuring a French architectural, the tall wooden gate welcomes you to discover an exciting world of innovative design and the implementation of a high-end Fashion Designs.

The house has two parallel pavilions with a spacious lobby of the modern décor.  Each suite has several rooms, some are dedicated to the evening dresses and the bridal gowns and others are equipped for the sewing and handcraft specialized team.

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Our Mission

To all Women who understand the art of fashion, we will let you shine like a diamond through our brand.
Our duty is to satisfy your desire and meet your expectations by our top-notch standards and high-end services.

Our Vision

I create fashion to appear the beauty of every women

Our Values

Every occasion deserves to be special…Exclusive, hand-made designs from the heart of Beirut to all queens and princesses of the world.

We are committed to always delivering fashion and quality  at the best  price, Our customer is always our focus, from the design process to the shopping experience. Understanding and meeting our customers’ needs is at the core of everything we do. We offer fashion with high attention to quality to everyone.

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